«YUZHNIY GOK» Mining and Processing Plant
Energy saving

Energy saving

The «YUZHNIY GOK» Mining and Processing Plant has implemented and operates a certified energy management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 50001:2018.

Key energy saving measures implemented at the enterprise:

  • Construction of a complex of cyclic-flow technology for horizon -210 meters.
  • Technical re-equipment of the boiler room of the tractor fleet with the installation of energy-efficient KOLVI-3000 boilers.
  • Technical re-equipment of the boiler room of the chain assembly base with replacement of the obsolete and exhausted KSVa-0.63Gn and E1 / 9-1G boilers with VIESSMAN boilers.
  • Transition to autonomous heating of thermal energy consumers remote from the central boiler house (with decommissioning of the Central Boiler House – Car Repair Depot of the Department of Railway Transport).
  • Introduction of energy-saving light sources for production facilities of the Department of Crushing and Transport Complex, Ore Beneficiation Plant No.1, Ore Beneficiation Plant No.2, the Workshop of Networks and Substations, the Department of Railway Transport, as well as the mining equipment of the plant.
  • Introduction of energy-efficient automated electric drive systems based on frequency control.
  • Modernization of the electric drive of ECG-10 excavators according to the TC-D system (thyristor converter - DC motor).
  • Optimization of the transportation scheme with reduction of costs for transportation of rock mass in the quarry by electric railway transport from the station “Horizon -15 meters”, as a result of construction of the exit between the railways by roads Nos. 11, 12 on the horizon -45 meters.
  • Implementation of an automated system of commercial accounting of electricity, natural gas, technical and drinking water.
  • Implementation of a set of measures aimed to increase the share of electricity consumption in voltage class 1, which allowed to reduce electricity costs.
  • Transition from the existing scheme of transportation and storage of non-condensed tailings to the scheme of hydraulic transport of tailings with the commissioning of the Slurry Thickening Complex.