«YUZHNIY GOK» Mining and Processing Plant


The main investments of the «YUZHNIY GOK» Mining and Processing Plant are aimed at:

  1. Constant improvement of quality and reduction of the prime cost of commodity production without decrease in production volumes.
  2. Renovation of the fleet and capital repairs of the main technological equipment and transport.

Since 2010, the company has been implementing a comprehensive program for the reconstruction and capital repairs of all production facilities of crushing and processing segment with the introduction of modern equipment and new technologies. The program will improve the quality of iron ore concentrate. In 2021 it is planned to complete the repair of 4 technological sections of ore beneficiation segment. This will help further increase production.

Due to the modernization of the beneficiation facilities in the latter two years it was possible to raise the quality of KZV concentrate from 67.7% to 68.5%, which was achieved by the traditional beneficiation scheme using hydraulic classification and wet magnetic separation.

The plant is constantly developing organizational and technical measures aimed at further improving the quality and reducing the costs of production.

In order to provide the enterprise with free capacities for storage of tailings, beneficiation of existing tailings ponds «United. First Chart» and «Voikove».

In 2021, a large-scale project aimed to build a slurry thickening unit, which has no analogues among the mining and processing enterprises of Ukraine, was completed. The facility will allow the plant to extend the service life of existing tailings, significantly reduce operating costs for electricity, laying and maintenance of slurry pipelines, as well as repairs of pumping equipment.

Since 2019, work is underway on the construction of a new tailings pond «United. Second Chart». Work is underway on the construction of dams and the laying of an anti-filtration screen of the tailings bowl using an HDPE membrane. The commissioning of the first launch complex is scheduled for 2022.

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