«YUZHNIY GOK» Mining and Processing Plant
Social policy

Social policy

The social policy of the «YUZHNIY GOK» Mining and Processing Plant is aimed, first of all, at strict compliance with the requirements of the labor legislation of Ukraine. The company provides employees with an additional package of privileges and benefits provided by the Collective Agreement and corporate standards. The area of social responsibility of the «YUZHNIY GOK» Mining and Processing Plant covers the tasks of increasing the prestige of work, creating a favorable psychological climate within the workers’ collective, meeting the domestic, cultural and spiritual needs of workers, their families and veterans in production.

Key areas of social work of the «YUZHNIY GOK» Mining and Processing Plant:

  • Maintenance of social facilities, which are on the balance of the enterprise, financing the work of sports sections and creative circles.
  • Material assistance to large families, as well as the employees of the plant who raise children with disabilities and single mothers (fathers).
  • Various types of assistance to participants of the World War 2, the disabled and pensioners.
  • Purchasing school bags and stationery for first-graders whose parents work at the plant.
  • Material assistance at childbirth.
  • Purchase of children’s New Year’s gifts.
  • Organization and financing of sanatorium treatment, family and children’s summer recreation.
  • Free medical insurance for the plant’s employees.
  • Free transportation of employees to work and home by company transport.
  • Social adaptation and professional development of youth.
  • Creating comfortable working and living conditions for employees.

The plant has a number of public organizations focused on meeting the social needs of various categories of employees – youth, veterans, women, and the disabled.

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